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English Videos

Dear friends from all over the world,

Lectures with Franz Ruppert in english language

I am working hard to bring all the english lectures with franz-ruppert
onto this website.
We have this titles in the finishing:
The human sexuality,
Identity and Trauma,
Who am I in a traumatized world
a collection of 5 short versions of live identity works with comments from Franz Ruppert
and coming up more lectures.
Should be ready for ordering latest during June 2019.

NEWSLETTER in english

In a few days we will have an english newsletter you can order.
Meanwhile please write me an email that you are interested in informations and i put you on the list and give you a sign, when thinks are in function.

Please write to:
Helge Max Jahns, helgemaxjahns@iCloud.com

On this Foto: Prof. Franz Ruppert